Nicolas Grivaz

My passion for hairdressing began years ago when I was modeling for a hairdresser, and I noticed a great deal of action and enthusiasm in the business. It became a great interest for me and since has become my vocation. The past 20 years I gained various experiences from receiving excellent training as a private apprentice in expanding my education globally. I’ve lived and worked years in France, UK (London), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Denmark (Copenhagen), and Switzerland (Geneva).

My extensive training and exposure allowed me to work with different hair texture and techniques. I’m qualified in updos, trendy and classic cuts and styles, color and highlights. I’ve also worked on numerous photo shoots for online magazines, and catwalks such as Hugo Boss, Anne Vest, and Rutzou. In London I spent some time as an art director in a high standard salon for two years (, worked three years free lance in Copenhagen, moved back to my family in the French Alps, worked for a very high standard clientele in a top Swiss salon (, and finally moved late 2016 to San Diego. All of these amazing global opportunities have given me a very rich experience in the hair industry that I can bring to you!

In my time outside of the salon, I enjoy creating art in various forms. I’ve been painting for some years now and love the creative outlet it provides for me. I am very connected to energy work as well and received my Reiki Master certification years ago. I love integrating different forms of energy work into my creative outlets when it aligns.